Meet Recicloteira

In the beautiful land of Brazil there is a woman dedicated to what many others would think impossible. She looks rough diamonds where others see waste. Has developed techniques and works that capture the gaze of thousands, women appreciate and men are fascinated to see.

Consuello Matroni: Recicloteira I


Creator of the Reciclotô tecnique

Born in São Paulo, Brazil on May 18th. She exercises qualities as perseverance, focus, determination and responsibility. All worthy of Taurus, her sign.

The familiar surroundings had much to do in what she is today, her mother lovingly taught her to knit, her father was a professor of art  and her grandfather who lived with them, made works of wood, plaster repairs, among others.

Consuello Matroni is a woman who not only believes in green living, she’s definitely a person who helps improve the human relationship with Mother Earth.

Always gifted in arts, she attended a technical course named Advertising and Propaganda in the Faculty of Social Communication. She had her first exhibition at her 20’s. In 1980 she was appealed to environmental cause by wanting to use tires, however, conversations with several engineers made her realize that wasn’t possible.

By 1990, her environmental call began to take effect and she started organizing events for recycling in her neighborhood, with the community she separated and listed materials. This is where PET bottles captured her eyes and she asked for advice in a jewelry store and made her first vest and a wedding dress of recycled materials.

The first dress by Consuello Matroni

Her ecologic  design is made with various recycled materials that she selected, cleaned and cutted to blend in completely handmade creations.

The technique she developed is called Reciclotô which uses all the knowledge acquired from childhood. That’s why she considered herself «Recicloteira.»

Consuello Matroni Design

Want to see the interview with this great artist? Go click here.

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