Do you know globama?

The White House used to had solar panels on the roof. ¿Did ya know?

The truth is that neither did I, but it turns out that a group of companies led by Sungevity launched the campaign «Globama» a few weeks ago as part of the request to install solar panels on the White House.

So, I decided to check out the web page of such campaign which contains the request for Obama and share information quite striking.

What is all about?

It turns out that the company Sungevity offers 102  free solar panels for the house. This, on the pretext that will reduce energy costs by up to 81%. What would be $ 102,000 dollars a year. Obviously, if the administration of Obama feels that such huge gift should be rewarded, the company offers a monthly payment plan ($ 537) for 10 years which include maintenance.

Hjm … A quite measure to increase sales, I would say. But some of such request is right, governments should invest in clean energy that is a good plan to greatly reduce environmental pollution, in Spain are gifted with this, in fact so much, that a large amount of energy comes from these eco-friendly solutions.

If the Obama administration would accept the proposal would not be the first time the White House has solar power, in June 20, 1979, President Jimmy Carter opened its 32 panels saying :

"A generation from now on, this solar heater can either be a curiosity,
a museum piece, an example of a road not taken or it can be a small part
may be a small part of one of the greatest adventures ever undertaken by
the America people."

In 1985 Reagan eliminated the incentives that Carter had allowed (tax credits) to purchase or install solar power systems. In my opinion, a major setback, so much so that in 86 he removed the solar panels that Jimmy had installed for maintenance and never returned back. This last action under the pretext that it was too expensive.

Que poca madre! (As we say in México). Yes, maybe evacuated tubes at that time did or didn’t exist, were in the process of being created or were too expensive indeed, but certainly this action as many others out there in the gringo land with all malice have delayed the age of clean energy for the benefit of a few.

This reminds me, do you know Stan Meyer? Arises because he was an inventor during the Reagan administration that discovered the water fuel.

Coincidentally also died in the 80’s a day after the Pentagon bought his invention: the water fuel cell. This separates the water molecules into oxygen and hydrogen, the same that was used to move the car. Here’s a video about him:

[Youtube =

I wonder if one day the bankers and others who have dominated the global economy for generations, want to leave the system as corrupt have been retained. Clean energy is just one of many steps we must take to improve our global life.

Here in Mexico, government should be subsidize clean energy instead of buying ipads. Submit an initiative to facilitate the installation of solar, wind energy… The one that best suits the user. Benefit the country rather than paying the French guy to organize a show of fireworks. But this, as in the global vision is only a step to a better society. 😉

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